Golden Delicious

(I love TJMaxx flanker gift sets!)
This is the most refined of the Be Delicious line that I’ve sniffed so far.

A slice of fresh apple, soft flowers and a bit of plum sauce, that quickly go green with lily-of-the-valley for an hour–the usual DKNY floral fruit teacher’s fare.
Later when the woods give the base some backbone, it gets sophisticated–turns out the substitute has a master’s degree in postmodern design.

Lasts through afternoon study hall in personal space.


Another Golden that’s delicious.

Be Delicious NYC

Another from yet another flanker gift set–DKNY has put out at least six dozen different Delicious apples in the past two decades–this one seems to be a light version of the original.

The guy says it smells like watermelon. He isn’t far off; the top is cucumber with some citrus and white flowers.

I get the apple-for-the-teacher and lily-of-the-valley of the 2004 version, but they feel lighter, letting the violet powder and dusty rose come through. The same classroom ruler woods on the bottom, but this time she lets the class out early.

Be Delicious Rio

Happy hour on ladies’ night.

First splash is apple vodka and passionfruit flavored whipped topping, then calms down to sweet orange flowers in personal space. Fades after two hours, leaving a smudge of benzoin on the skin.

The ending sweet resin is rather nice–if it had more depth, this one would wear well for date night, not just drinks with the girls.

(I’ve never been to Rio, sadly. Does it smell like Gala Apple Stoli?)

Be Delicious London

Another apple for the teacher–this one is passionate about Victorian literature and floral print dresses.

Honeycrisp by the bushel and Crabtree & Evelyn rose talc, with modest sillage until tea time. Woodsy amber at the bottom lasts longer on clothes.

I kind of feel like this is what an American designer thinks London should be–cliche and prissy and pretty history–without acknowledging the grime and colonialism and punk rock.


The “Be Delicious Hearts of the World” line came out in 2012, when this song hit it big in the US. (And Florence is actually from London, unlike this perfume.)

Be Tempted Eau So Blush

be tempted eau so blushSafe citrus and berry splash with flowers–nice dry woodsy peony, in a clean and non-alluring way–but it’s loud. Big invasive sillage that takes over the clothes, like when you switch fabric softeners and can’t get used to the new smell, but even longer lasting.

This one feels like an afterthought, as if it were put out for bottle collectors.

Neon Hitch is also loud and kind of invasive, but is absolutely alluring and by no means an afterthought.

Be Delicious

Be DeliciousThis one is pure kindergarten teacher.

Thirsty green apple juice boxes, cucumber slices and flowers on the desk–lily-of-the-valley and roses–with a base of amber and gnawed-on pencils.

Good sillage, lasts through noon recess, and never makes you stand in the corner.
I’d give it a B+.

My favorite cute schoolyard tune.