Mini bottle with eclipse shaped cap and Cher’s signature etched into the glass. The bigger the bottle, the more ornate the stopper, frosted cut crystal set with rhinestones and draped in beaded silk.

Cher’s first fragrance is as loud, sexy, ageless and gorgeous as she is.

Opens with aldehydic citrus dirtied up nicely with tobacco, in a lounge act vibe that shimmers with heliotrope sequins and ylang-ylang fringe, and completely fills the room with contralto vanilla.
The set lasts all night, on a stage of soft woods, fairly linear with some dark synth sweetness flickering in and out, just to keep it interesting.

Uninhibited came out in the late eighties, and now seems a little retro, like a good torch-song should, nostalgic and boozy-bluesy–yet it doesn’t seem dated.
Imagine Chanel No. 5‘s aldehyde and ylang-ylang sampled into Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille, in Met Gala gear.

Bottles can still be found on-line or secondhand. If you spot a gently used bottle for a reasonable price, snatch it up with an “I’ve Got You, Babe.”


Cher’s covers are brilliant–this is one of my favorites.

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