cloud edgy
Peelie with Ms. Grande sporting her signature ponytail.

Cloud pops open with herbs and artificial pears, then some sweet mushy stuff wiggles in the middle over a solid base note of woodsy chemical musk.
It’s got a hook–I keep going back to sniff the peelie–but it’s just too synthetic for me to want to purchase.

Kind of like a lot of Ariana’s songs, actually.

(Ugh. I’m old and crotchety. Girl can belt it, and I do like this one.)


moonlight AG edgy
Store display of perfume box, featuring a pop star in low lighting.

Ariana Grande’s Moonlight opens with prunes and clean sheets–but then dries down to peach yogurt cups–the lactose free kind with the pro-biotics.
The bedroom pillow marketing vibe doesn’t quite jive, either. The stuff smells more like a desperate middle-of-the-night countermeasure to imminent digestive issues than mattress lingerie.

Ariana and Miley in pajamas covering Crowded House is marvelous, though.