Black Phantom

black phantom edgyDecadent yet disconcerting, like having dessert cocktails at a mortuary.
Chocolate vodka and a shot of caramel liqueur in the coffee afterward, but in the basement is sandalwood coffin sawdust, candle wax and dried flower petals.

Seductive, androgynous, macabre and delicious.

Moonlight in Heaven

moonlight edgesI once had Swedish Moose Cheese at a fancy-ass gallery opening thing. The stuff is a thousand euros a kilo.
All these people standing around making o-faces at their crackers with gold leaf, and I’m thinking what is wrong with me, that I don’t get it?
It’s a nice feta, but…
Moonlight in Heaven is a nice perfume.
I get some artificial coconut and a good mango popsicle, then a bridal dress store–creamy powdered lilies with a dish of foil-wrapped chocolates on a side table.
Maybe I’m just not classy enough to appreciate this properly.