XII: L’Heure Mysterieuse

Cartier Red and gold box and sample vial, on an antique clock face reading 12:41.

L’Heure Mysterieuse has a lot of ties to LUSH Lord of Misrule, but where LoM measures time on standing stones, XII is a church clock-tower.

First strikes with dry spice and jasmine–peppery sharp, then resin and incense waft in, with a fifteen minute chocolate and cigarette break.
At the half hour patchouli chimes loud, taking over, only occasionally letting a few seconds of vanilla slip by.

Lasts the day at social distance with woody amber, brassy and stern.


X: L`Heure Folle

blueberry cairn
Stacks of very blue blueberries and Cartier’s signature red leather-look box, and test tube of X.

Cartier’s Ten o’Clock wants to spend the ‘Crazy Hour’ picking blueberries on the forest edge but sadly snoozes with Dad’s outdated watch in the sock drawer.

Ironing starch on cotton handkerchiefs with jam stains that fade to metallic dusty rose.

It makes a nice room scent.

P!nk covered Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy in 2009, when this scent came out. It’s not dusty at all.