Bleu de Chanel

Bleu de Chanel edgyThis could be this decade’s Drakkar Noir–a new definition of masculinity for these semi-enlightened times. Sophisticated and clever–strength and ego coming with style and smarts rather than brawn–this man might not have the classic pretty face but his shirt is nicely tailored and he plays cards well–he’s interesting.

Opens with icy lemonade, then smoky ginger, and lays two inches above the skin with amber, mint and sandalwood all evening long.

I wish it had more sweetness.

Chanel used All Along the Watchtower in its promo vid. The scent is worthy of a Clapton & Kravitz cover, maybe, but not Jimi.


Gabrielle edgyLemon and orange blossoms and neroli and tangerines.

Ylang-ylang softens the citrus and spice warms it up a bit.

I’d have thought Kristen Stewart would smell less sweetly floral than this, but there’s a certain sandalwood androgyny at the bottom that fits her mystique.