Rectangular slate blue mini bottle with silver crown cap and a long red pepper.

This guy starts out like all his other man-pals, noisy and a little gin-drunk, but he’s sweet so you go home with him–and he cooks. Spicy peppers, herbs, citrus, figs, well mixed, and suddenly he’s fun, hot chili and warm blues. Not particularly athletic, but he’s long lasting with good wood and big wok energy.


Red Hot Chili Peppers cover of Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground is good hard funk.

Light Blue Pour Homme

light blue pour homme edgy
Ad peelies sporting a frosted flask and David Gandy (who races speedboats now, and designs his own clothes) on a notebook page.

The same lemon and white musk, but all the sharp herbs and incense smoke make it oversexed.

The glory of the female version, and why it’s such a powerhouse, is the ace quality that strips away any overt gendered invitation.

So by omitting all the sweet notes, the masculine edition just becomes another passive aggressive drink garnish at the patio bar.

Kanye West put out Stronger the same year. It was both as synthetic and popular.

The Only One

the only one edgyA surprisingly fresh violet, lime and espresso shot opening. Morphs into wet pears and patchouli with a few rose petals for a good hour or two.
The black coffee comes back later, roughing up the caramel at the base and turning the sweetness sophisticated.

An adult version of the cooked sugar gourmands everyone is putting out right now–Prada Candy, Viva la Juicy, BonBon, etc.
Nice, though I wish the uniqueness of the top notes lingered longer.

Light Blue

light blue edgesThis one, like Envy, has a double nature–

On a good day, Light Blue smells like sweet lemonade and apples, roses and cedar, and finishes with cool musk.
On an off day, it can smell like old shoes and lemon oil disinfectant.

Oddly unalluring for such a popular fragrance–though sweet and fresh, there’s no come-hither, smell-me-closer-tiny-dancer to it anywhere. The projection is a pretty shield around the body, encouraging a step backward–respect for personal space, rather than an invitation inside.

This song has some of the same synth freshness–