bojnerhoffOr: Mr. Bojnokopff`s Purple Hat.
This is what nefarious charlatans who make devil’s deals for true magic (that always backfire and involve a twirled mustache) smell like.

Lavender and bittersweet chocolate on a cedarwood stage lit with vetiver gaslight, and lasts longer on silk than on skin.

I always fall head over heels for an elegant villain.


Harem Rose

harem-rose edgySugar and roses at first spray, then more roses, with stray woody spice underneath, then more roses (and sneezing!) with a bit of caramel benzoin and more roses.

The random notes trickling in and out seem like passing cars blaring random pop songs while one is listening to Ella Fitzgerald.

Close to the skin within ten minutes and gone in twenty.

Forty Thieves

forty-thieves edgyOpens with incense and intrigue, and a sweet, spicy neroli rose that blooms a yard off the wrist.
Soon melts down to rich amber resin and sandalwood and lingers on the skin for an hour.

Lovely and mysterious, but I wish the honey notes lasted longer–and that price is not a steal.