Aqua Allegoria Bouquet № 2

A pink rose resting against a tiny Guerlain gold accented bottle, filled with pale pink eau.

A noncommittal and tired rose–a little dusty (the blooms might fading a bit)–in some canned mixed fruit, heavy on the pink grapefruit wedges.

Boring, and not even that high end.
I’m rather sad about it.

Edit – 1/5/2022

I had to go back and give a re-sniff, just to see if my negativity might have been the weather, or just my dreary mood, but nope, this is definitely a disappointment.
Oddly, it was designed by the same guy who did Teazurra, which is one of my favorite scents ever.


Looks like rain.

Aqua Allegoria Flora Nerolia

Mini Guerlain beehive bottle on a tiny white cardboard box printed with orange blossoms.

Flora Nerolia is basically everything I love in a good neroli essential oil with three times the staying power and an added touch of elegance.
Opens with spring sunshine and honey caught in a crystal decanter, then jasmine and pettigrain rough it up to make it organic and skanky.
(The lushness could get sweaty in the summer. In winter it’s like wearing hope on the skin.)

Sadly discontinued. Secondhand prices are weird on this one–I’ve seen empty boxes go for more than full bottles.


An elegant organic wintry song from Björk.

Aqua Allegoria Anisia Bella

Guerlain beehive bottle and star anise.

Wore this the entire week that one crazy midsummer.
Still makes me feel hungover.

Edit – 10/12/21

Anisia Bella doesn’t make me ill anymore–I can finally drink ouzo again, too–but it’s definitely a scent for high summer.

The anise and licorice are too spicy for spring, the basil and tea too herbal for autumn. The citrus kick at the top is a lovely summer lemon seltzer, and the drydown was biscotti in another lifetime.

Nice. Leans a bit more butch fade than Teazzurra‘s fringe bob.
For more accessible options, try any incantation of the original Lolita Lempicka, or 4711’s Blood Orange & Basil.


I played this song a lot that summer.