Sample spray and promo card, with the same ombre blue as the bottle.

This smells like your car after you’ve had it detailed because the neighbor kid puked Olive Garden all over the back seat.

It tries.
Lavender and orange oil solvent.
Windex and mint. A little lime and some hopeful sandalwood.
But it just can’t disguise the vomit.

(This is how to cover a song.) (Contains no barfing.)

Artisan Acqua

Artisan Acqua edgy
John Varvatos flask with wicker macrame and bronze cap and medallion.

A priest on vacation in the tropics.

Out of the bottle–beaches and mild fruit cocktails with coconut water.

It quickly turns to soap, some kind of retro  ’70’s bar of herbal glycerine that takes over the whole tiki bar.
There’s some patchouli and musk at the bottom, like a feeble attempt to dirty it up, but it’s just too clean.

Perfect on Sunday.

My favorite bar song.