Mini clear L’Artisan Parfumeur bottle with grey and gold label.

Alcoholic juicy figs out of the bottle that turn creamy with jasmine right away, then has fancy tea and cake for thirty minutes.

I like the clary sage that keeps this clean and not too sweet, but it’s definitely on the feminine end of unisex.
The pine bottom notes settle under the skin for another hour.

Nice, but not a whole lot of personality.


Feeling Cher’s cover of this one today.


L’Artisan Parfumeur clear bottle with turquoise label.

Sophisticated and warm–leans to the yang rather than the yin–it’s got outward force, this stuff.

Sweet spice at the opening, with a hint of rose, that settles into resinous green incense, heavy on the vetiver. Soft patchouli projection for half the day, with honey cardamom on the skin.

Has really nice organic alpha notes, with none of the usual chemical musks–for days when you need a little more power in the flesh.

La Chasse aux Papillons

la chasse aux papillions edgy
Graphic photo of cut crystal bottle with pink label running up one of the five sides.

White spring flowers and more white flowers and jasmine and some white citrus-y flowers and some white summer flowers and tuberose.

Very high quality ingredients, and pretty, but I was the kid who ate her Crayolas because I wanted to taste the colors, y’know?

Lasts half an inch above the skin for an hour, and on cotton until laundry day.

Here’s another pretty butterfly from the king of K-Pop.