Moroccan Leather

Memo Paris black white and gold promo card and test spray on a jade dyed leather wallet bought in Marrakech.

If leather grew on trees, with patent leaves on on suede stems–
This is the finest full grain, sultry green, almost pulpy, tanned by smoke bark plants and orange blossom, with smooth iris and ginger underneath.

Both animalic and verdant, yet also clean and polished. I really like it.
Lasts half the day a few inches off the skin, and turns all clothing to mossy nubuck hide for a week.


A great tune by Moroccan artist Chawki-

Italian Leather

Memo black, white and gold promo card with sample spray, held in a white leather glove.

The ad says a lot of pretty things involving fancy car interiors and the Roman countryside, but I get old diner next to a truck stop–chocolate ice cream sundaes, chrome and red leather bar stools, cigarette smoke and Trident gum–in the best way.

Brash and loud at the start, then melting into sweetness, the leather is almost edible, but for the marvelous hit of car-exhaust labdanum.
I can find the tomato leaf after I know to look for it, a twang of green with a metallic discord, but it fades after the first hour, drowning in the syrupy resins at the bottom of the dish. I wish it lasted longer–the sharpness is interesting, and cuts through the vanilla.

The benzoin and myrrh stay half the day on skin, and whisper the next morning on cotton.
Lots of fun.


Chuck Berry’s “You Can Never Tell” is a diner jukebox staple–

Tiger’s Nest

tigers nest edgy
Decant vial and test strip cut-out of Memo’s tricolor woodblock label with a broody tiger.

This is one of those fancy organic sodas from the health food store with the artsy label–that’s totally worth the ridiculous price.

Uncaps to smoky root beer, then settles into Sprite and an aldehydic seltzer. Lasts a good two hours a foot off the wrist and leaves a pleasant malty sweet amber on the skin the whole afternoon.

Perfect for a sushi lunch date.

I played second flute for an excruciating season of junior high band–The Eye of the Tiger was our big number. I like Katrine Ottosen’s cover. (Her Tiny Desk Concert is over here.)