Cherry Blossom

Cherry BlossomIt’s pretty, in a girl’s First Perfume kind of way–
Opens with spring floral orchard blooms, then fades to a powdery, almost childish cherry. Lasts the length of a junior high date, with cinema seat projection.

There’s nothing really special about it–Outremer’s Cola has that marvelous splashy pop, and Pêche is pure sass and juice–so I was expecting  a kick of something more.

Here’s a song with a lot of kick–


peche edgy 2
Art Nouveau motif bottle, with three peaches.

A loud catcall of fantastic peach nectar, with a pinch on the ass of cloves.
Later she steals a flower from a neighbor’s garden to tuck in her hair, on the way to buy sweet Meyer lemons and flirt with the fruit vendor in the square.

Fresh and brash and juicy.

Peach was my favorite ice cream flavor at Baskin-Robbins.


cola edgesA fast bubbly splash of Coca-Cola, cheeky spice and snappy sweet citrus, and then it’s gone.

Too much caffeine for a children’s party, too juvenile for cocktails. This is the quick kiss at a high school locker between classes–fresh laughter and a pop of effervescence–then nothing but a memory.

Liking this one right now–check out how much the drummer gets out of just that tambourine.