Pistachio Brûlée

pistachio brulee edgy
Clear roller-ball bottle and pile of pistachios.

Muzzy nut candy.
Opens clear yet cloyingly sweet, a fizzy cream soda with a hint of almond and pistachio flavoring–then gets murky as it warms into a nasty yet kind of enjoyably sweaty honey amber.

Edit – 4/7/22

This one is still in production–not a bad buy for a light gourmand with acceptable performance.

The candle has a lot more nuts.


I love this old school new generation blues!

Citron Glacé

citron glacee edgy

Citron Glace is a mouthful of Tutti Dolce’s Lemon Meringue without the pie crust, at a summer term sorority party. The sugar fades to an antiseptic lemonade close to the skin after an hour, and leaves a sticky sour candy residue on clothes.

Would make an excellent dorm room candle.

Edit – 7/12/22

Smells like furniture polish and feet when it gets old.


Here’s a much fresher and more cheerful lemon.