Honey & The Moon

honey and the moon edgy
Small splash bottle with gold cap and printed back label–visible through the perfume–of a bee.

A great one for sweet tooth cravings.

TokyoMilk #10 is a spilled pot of syrupy tea with cream, smoky jasmine and sugared violets.
Sandalwood at the bottom gives the honey a nice bit of bee-sting.

Pretty and warm, with good sillage and amazing longevity.

Edit– 2/27/21
This one has grown on me lately. The quarantine mixed with winter doldrums has made me miss my childhood home and the scents of my step-father’s apiaries.
Honey & the Moon is simpler, and less animalic Bee, but has more woods at the base. Beehive boxes are usually made of pine or cedar, for their non-bee insect repellent properties–Absolue Pour le Soir nails this note perfectly–so I like that bit of structure.

The candle is quite nice, too. Margot Elena’s hand creams are also popular. I’ve tried a few and they feel lovely, but I’m always testing something on my wrists, and I avoid scented lotions. She makes a Honey & the Moon “crema” creme eau de parfum as well, that I’m curious about–always nice to have something travel friendly.

Lit candle in a tin, with printed bee lid. A fifteen minute burn scents my whole house.

Santana and Michelle Branch came out with this sweet song in 2003, too.

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