Pink Pepper & Grapefruit

4711 Pink Pepper and Grapefruit
Mini splash flask with fuchsia label and gold accents.

A 4711 Acqua Colonia mini that didn’t come with the sampler set, but I had to have anyway because give-me-all-the-matching-things.

Nice fresh squirt-in-your-eye grapefruit and peppery bite that slowly fades to brisk rose on the skin. I like the masculine zing–this one has a bit of a bristly mustache.


More pepper. (Like the cologne, the original is better, but sometimes it’s fun to mix things up a little.)

Lime & Nutmeg

Mini bottle of Lime & Nutmeg with chartreuse label edged in gold.

The last mini from the 4711 Acqua Colonia sample set.

Lime and dark spice, with a frothy hit of Ivory soap, but there’s a Coca-Cola vibe to it, too.
Green citrus projects a yard off the skin for five minutes, then the nutmeg slowly settles to the skin and disappears, over the course of an hour.

I dumped the whole bottle in the tub and it was marvelous.

Harry Nilsson was a such a brilliant (and strange) musician. His parents were Swedish circus performers, which makes me happy.

Lemon & Ginger

4711 lemon ginger
Photo of mini 4711 flask with yellow and gold label, blurry with sunbeams.

More from the 4711 sample set of Acqua Colonia minis.

This one hits the sinuses like a cough drop, then sweetens to Italian ice. The ginger doesn’t have much of a bite, but it pushes the lemon out of cleanser territory and into soda-pop.
Lasts a perky half hour.

I’d love it as iced tea, too.


Lemon pop with a twisty video.

Saffron & Iris

4711 saffron and irisAnother enjoyable and unpretentious 4711 Acqua Colonia that lasts only minutes–as it’s meant to.

A vodka splash opening that immediately warms up with the saffron, then eases into a flowery-herbal tonic water.
There’s earthy powdery feel at the bottom that I would enjoy on a guy, too.

I went looking for the “I’m just mad about Saffron” song by Donovan, and stumbled onto this little gem.

White Peach & Coriander

4711 white peach corianderFrom the 4711 Acqua Colonia line–

All the fruity citrus breakfast brunch drinks (garnished with parsley) in an instant spritz, and I love it.

The peach dries to powder in five minutes, and the green coriander lingers for another ten, and then it’s gone with no residue, leaving one refreshed in that magical burst that only 4711 has.

Beck is also magically refreshing.

Blood Orange & Basil

blood orange and basilI got a sample set of 4711 Acqua Colonia and I’m having so much fun with these clever and quick little splashes–I grew up on the original.

This one is bright–a soap-bubble pop of herbal cleansing that finishes with brisk citrus.
The basil sticks pleasantly to cotton for several hours after the orange is long gone.

More Blood Orange pleasant herbal-pop cleverness–


4711 and limes
Coin shaped flask with iconic gold and turquoise label, red and gold cap, and cut limes in the sun.

A splash of limeade and orange zest, a rub of basil and flower petals, a breath of cedar, and then it’s gone.

The brevity is a strength–4711 glories in its opening moment, the interaction of refreshment, the awakening.

Many of us grew up with this one in the medicine chest rather than the vanity, used to disinfect cuts and soothe burns. It’s still one of my favorite comfort scents.

Haydn’s Surprise Symphony (No. 94) came out in in 1792 too.

Calycanthus Brumae

Calycanthus Brumae edgy
Cologne flask in front of botanical illustration of Calycanthus–red spiky petaled flowers and green round leaves.

Nice for a guy who wants people to believe he just bathed.

Opens with a bit of watery citrus, then the spice-bush kicks in, smoky sweet and earthy–kind of nutmeg-ish with frothy lime flowers–and then ends with ginger tub cleanser.

I bought this one in my quest for calycanthus scents–here the sweet-shrub is overpowered by the bergamot notes and comes across soapy.

It’s nicer on clothes.

This cute song also came out of Italy in 2012.

Vetyver & Bergamot

Large 4711 Acqua Colonia cut crystal bottle with brown and gold label.

Lime and oak leaves.

The bottle says “Relaxing” in many languages. The eau is certainly not exciting, but it’s pleasant enough, I suppose. Lasts the usual 4711 quarter hour.

Perhaps one for unassuming gentlemen with good taste in hats?

Edit – 6/18/21

I had a good cup of Earl Grey tea this morning, and pulled this one out to compare the bergamot.
The soft green citrus was easy to recognize in both, but I was struck by how much of the vetiver comes out when sniffing them side by side–almost nutty, like filberts or walnuts.

Also, nicer in the summer than the winter–less lime notes and more herbal vibes, and not so oaky dry.

Starry teacup and saucer, and cologne bottle and box, on my back patio. Good morning!


Love this relaxing Louis Armstrong cover of Irving Berlin and Fred Astaire’s classic.

Melissa & Verbena

4711 cut crystal flask with simple Kelly green and gold label.

Or, lemon balm and vervain.
Bright citrus without the bite, that settles down to woody tonic water.

Greener and sharper and more linear than the original–I miss the sweetness and the quickly shifting nuances–but longer lasting.
Good for cocktails on the patio, perhaps.

Edit — 8/14/21

I usually pass fragrances that I wouldn’t wear on to someone who would appreciate them, but I’ve had Melissa & Verbena for years and still not found a home for it.
There’s an herbal musk at the bottom that sits strangely on the skin, so not one to use as a mask spritz, either.

4711 released it in 2009, but I don’t think it was in production long.
Lemon & Ginger was the hit of that run, and is still made today.


This came out the same year. Saw it in concert–it was awesome.