Nirvana Rose

nirvana rose edges
Elizabeth & James brick red labeled bottle with a gold tall top cap, on my window sill.

A fabulous alpha femme scent.

Starts out with the crazy-complicated burst of smoky-tomato-leaf-lemon-sweet-spice that is geranium, then blows up into wild roses.
An hour later it settles into stiletto heel thorns, sharp with vetiver, and stays close to the skin all afternoon.

Boss woman in  a bottle.
(Yes, ma’am.)

I love this cover of Nirvana–she wields her voice like a blade.

Nirvana Amethyst

nirv amethWeird–sugar cookies that have been dropped in the dirt.

There’s tobacco, but it’s muddy–cigarette butts left out in the rain.
And there’s honeysuckle, but they’re kind of bruised, like the sun shone too hot.
The spice is nice, powdered ginger and cloves,  a soft baking mix for shy cooks.

Stays close, grubby sweets snacked on in private, but lasts all day.
I can’t explain why I like it, but I do.

This Nirvana cover is also weird and sweet.

Nirvana French Grey

nirvana french greyHerbal-sweet and sheer, and comforting, without any overt invitation.

Opens with a taste of upscale hipster lavender vodka, then the neroli blooms, delicate and sugary with a faint twist of grapefruit zest.

Stays at elbow length for an hour, then settles to the skin with rainwater musk.

Too fragile for summer, but it would sparkle in the snow.

This cover is equally as delicate.

Nirvana Black

nirvana black edgesViolet, vanilla and sandalwood in equal doses.
It’s quite nice–I’m impressed with this¬† whole line–powdery soft and sweet, but with a little bite.
I do miss the ivy and licorice notes that add the depth to Lolita Lempicka’s Au Masculin–this is like the drier, autumn version.

Lasts a few hours close to the skin–a good one for dancing on Halloween.

Here’s a disturbingly happy cover of Nirvana’s Lithium.

Nirvana Bourbon

nirvana bourbon edgy smallThis is quite well done. They’ve bottled the charred oak distillery spirit, complete with caramel syrup and age-softened musk.
Doesn’t last terribly long, but it’s reasonably priced, so have another shot.

I would find this one sexy on a guy, too–especially the older silver fox with good vintage.

This laid-back Nirvana cover sounds like it’s had a good whiskey on the rocks.