Hauts Bijoux

hauts bijouxA tropical princess perfume that opens with lemon, mango and black currants, in that order.
Sparkly and undeniably expensive, no artificial aftertaste as the hyacinths start to bloom a half hour in.
After another thirty minutes, the flowers dry to woodsy autumn amber and the mango pushes through again, with a pleasant tart bite.

But it’s gone in less than two hours, and somehow I’m aware of the cost–like I’m wearing a borrowed necklace–and at roughly fifty cents a spray, that’s “high jewels” indeed.

Chevaux d’Or

chevaux d'orChevaux d’Or (oddly named “Golden Horses,”) is lux sweetness and candied money. I think the Mario mushroom bottle is supposed to be a jeweled cupcake.

The first spritz is salt and strawberries. The second is raspberries and sugar.

Then roses. All the roses. Tight buds, sharp and green, then full and sexy and come-hither, and finally sweet and blowsy and soft.

Settles down with a sheer layer of vanilla and spicy sweet flowers over the roses. It lasts for a few hours, then fades into nutty powder.

A spoiled princess perfume in the most perfect way.