Gold Fresh Couture

Gold window cleaner shaped mini bottle, metal shot rag scrap and an ochre pear.

A sweet cheapie that works hard at school and doesn’t make their parents nervous–
Cheerful pear and vanilla with a touch of floral woods to keep it from turning into melted ice cream.

Reasonable performance and would pair well with any off-the-shelf hair product in existence.
For Ages 13 and up.


I’m really enjoying Moschino’s aesthetic right now–check out this new collection, upbeat campy fun that couldn’t give a flying fuck about binary gender expectations.

Planningtorock’s electropop “Girl You’ve Got My Heart” was used in Moschino’s wonderfully inclusive 2022 Spring-Summer walk, but “Much To Touch” is my favorite.

Toy Boy

Opaque black teddy bear bottle.

This guy is fun, jeans and a whimsical graphic tee with nice shoes–he can tell a great joke without punching down, knows good drink recipes, and flirts with just his eyes.

Quick pink pepper and slice of pear, with a pinch of spice at the beginning, then an earthy–almost oily–masculine woody rose blooms in personal space for half the day.
Drifts down to the skin with more woods and fluffy fiber notes–the way a new skein of silk mohair yarn smells, a bit musky and animalic, and so, so soft–for a few more hours.

Lighthearted, affordable and a nice change from the ginger-lavender-vanilla mash-ups that are everywhere right now.


An earthy song by the Rosewood Thieves.

Pink Fresh Couture

Wedge of pink grapefruit, pink Moschino “spray bottle” mini, and pink sponge.

Pink grapefruit juice splash, that ends quickly with woody raindrops on roses.
Synthetic, safe, and unpretentious.

Eau de toilette projection with cologne longevity–good for a spritz after gym-class.


How cute is this girly-gay-girl song?!

I Love Love

Cute frosted turquoise mini of I Love Love on a sugared orange slice.

Orange VitaminWater with baby aspirin.
It actually works, in a marvelously flippant summery way.
(In the winter it can stick in the throat a bit.)
Sugary woods on the skin at the bottom. Doesn’t last long, so get the big bottle.

I Love Love is the most popular in Moschino’s Cheap & Chic line.
I love love the marketing–plastic fashion, quirky and affordable, color and creativity taking the place of money. A bit of a middle finger flick to the haute couture and niche houses that set the often inaccessible standards for quality.


Some more Italian love-

Fresh Couture

Windex styled spray bottle mini splash and paper towel scrap dwarfed by an orange.

This might be the cutest mini bottle ever! And the scent is a nice little perk-me-up at a great price.

The clementine opening, bright with peony, is clean and fun and young. Sweet berry florals ripen to a hand span off the skin for an hour, and fade to wet woods for another two.
(I’m all for some lighthearted vibes right now.)


Some lighthearted vibes: