Macadam Paz

macadam pazVanilla musk on the skin that turns into really enjoyable leather and peaches, hot nutmeg and herbal incense–

This Le Soft is perfectly soft butch–sweet and rough, spice and smoke–held close.
I like her quiet confidence.

Pair with a watch or wallet chain and other marvelous cliches.

Here’s my other favorite gender-bendy-Frenchie at the moment–

Eu Vent de Vous

eu vent de vousStarts harsh but finishes mellow.

Cardamom bombs the opening, the same throat closing assault when entering any truck stop store outside Paris, Appalachia–menthol cigarette ash and candy bars–but then it slowly melts into the skin with tobacco and vanilla a la Tom Ford.

Not many people realize Tom Waits actually wrote this one–also harsh and mellow.


Zazou(I’m falling in love with these solid perfumes. Airplane friendly and moisturizing!)

Zazou–surprisingly, given the twee packaging–is a sophisticated little neroli limeade spiked with aqvavit.
It opens fresh, a zing of citrus as it warms up on the skin, then relaxes and turns floral with an herbal undercurrent.
Sits just above the skin for hours until sinking under into warm green woods.

The Zazou subculture in France most likely took their name from Cab Calloway’s scat riff “Zaz, zuh, zah!”