Giulietta edgesMore class than flirtation.

Lilacs and sour apples, a hand-span off the wrist, then lily-of-the-valley and white musk.

Supposedly inspired by Fellini’s love for his wife, who wore Diorissimo–so the flowers and hint of sandalwood are dead on.

Nino Rota was Fellini’s composer–Amarcord is a semi-autobiographical dramedy of a little Italian village in the 1930s that won a few Oscars.


simone edgy Crisp watermelon on top and even more delicious in the middle–buttery sweet soft floral–but on me, this quickly fades down to a muted version of Light Blue.

Nice, but needs more of the frangipani.

(Bit of trivia: The almond custard “frangipane” was named for the Marquis de Frangipani, whose family line went back to Roman times.)

And I just discovered that Halsey’s real name is Ashley Frangipane, which made me laugh.