Flowerbomb Bloom

bloomA Shirley temple cocktail nastied up with añejo tequila.

Grenadine and white flowers, orange peel and wooden casks.
It could almost be an Angel flanker–sweet and sour with a dirty bottom.

Not a big blast radius, but the fallout lingers a while.

Another sassy bomb–a cheerfully horrific Clash tune that hits with even more impact when sung by the Mexican punk band Tijuana No!.

Salty Flower

salty flower
Sample card and spray on a botanical illustration of frangipani.

Beach lingerie.

The sea salt projects at arm’s length from the skin, and the frangipani a handspan, which makes for an interesting personal experience. The wet/windy ambroxan base augments the ocean notes brilliantly.

Lasts all day on the skin and until the tide turns on clothes.


A lazy beachy song–

Dirty Trick

dirty trickGoth girl weird, and nice.

An exploding Bic pen in the best way: big inky dark indigo iris that fades to purple suede and some woods at the bottom. Lingers close to the skin for an hour or two.

The only one of V&R’s Magic Tricks to read “witchy” to me–this one is spell components thrown in a cauldron, and it works.


Lavender Illusion

lavender illusion edge
Botanical illustration of lavender, with sample spray and paper test strip.

Happy happy, merry merry!

This is sugary Christmas kisses under the mistletoe, clean snow and frosted black currants.
The lavender is sweet and musky and long-lasting, a pretty rime over the pine notes on the bottom.

I’d love this as a pillow spray in the winter.

This one is fun–