Clear mini flask with plain black label.

The peelie advertises pear, iris, leather and patchouli, but all I get is baked vinyl car seats, hot tires and a melting popsicle.

Perhaps the “New Gentle Man” needs to park his convertible in the shade?

Edit – 5/12/21
Fresh from the bottle he pear comes through, but with more plastic fruit than juicy crispness. The iris and patchouli make a nice powder somewhere between baby talc and sawdust, but I’m still not convinced.


I want to hang out in a Gorillaz video.


interdit edgy
Store display with with chrome topped tester half full of pale peach eau.

High end bubblegum.

Opens with a breath of citrus that turns fruity,  then settles into jasmine and tuberose wedding flowers, but eventually ends with wet patchouli and vanilla.

I feel like this is what ELd’O was trying for with Yes I Do, but couldn’t get it dirty enough at the bottom.
This one is a bride with no underpants.


The “wife trophy” at the beginning of this video cracks me up.

Xeryus Rouge

xeryusIn the summer it’s eye-watering: all the hot sauces at the taqueria–tabasco, nopales salsa verde, pico jalapeƱo–uncorked and spilled over the table.

In the winter it cools down, becomes herbal, sweet bell peppers with a touch of rose on a base of cedar and metallic musk, but it’s no less potent.

Xeryus Rouge came out in in the mid nineties, along with this sweet spicy tune from Cuba.


ysatis edge
Cut crystal Ysatis mini bottle with skyscraper lines and pyramid top, filled with dark amber liquid.

Opens with lemony ylang-ylang, then settles to aldehydic woods and tuberose with some animalic dank notes that keep it from being too sweet.

Strong sillage, and long lasting, but it does seem from another time, when perfume focused on gravitas and established style. Now the trends seem to aim for playfulness and creativity.

This might have more personality on a gentleman, today.

Ysatis came out in 1984, and I discovered short-haired girls.