Zoa Night Perfume

Marvelous swirling black bottle with frosted flower shaped cap–Regine’s classic bottle shape has a bit of a can-can dress vibe.

A fun and inexpensive vampy amber floral–
I love the big citrus champagne opening, fresh and flirty, though I wish it lasted longer before dissolving into the pink flowers. The vanilla at the bottom stays close to the skin for most of the day, with faint patchi amber an inch above.

There’s a joyful retro feel that makes me think of secondhand shoppes that cater to drag royalty and couture collectors, and sell Pop Rocks and Lemonhead candy at the register.


This one was a hit in France in 2009, too.


zoa edgyStrange peaches, and weird retro purple flowers–violet and iris à la Lolita Lempicka–with woody cherry stones on the bottom.
It’s very chic and memorable, yet a bit poisonous, too.

Not one for a younger woman, this one needs experience and half a lifetime of secrets to pull off.
Elegant elbow length sillage, and lasts until the bath the morning after.

Zoa came out in 1992, when Vanessa Paradis came out with her third album and this hit.