Lady Vengeance

lady vengeance edgySoapy dry rose that settles into a metallic musk that grows and grows and takes over my living room and puts its feet on my furniture.
The vanilla shows up briefly a half an hour in, but can’t compete with the ambroxan-patchouli that sits like a penny in the mouth.

An interesting and invasive modern take on an old rose.

An Ella style take of the best revenge song ever:

Mad Madame

mad madame edgeBig green leaves at first spray, then waxy flowers and roses in a huge stainless steel vase.

Eventually settles into a watery flood of black currant tea and wet dog–a fancy one with manicured paws and a pompadour.

Both swanky and skanky. Not for me, but it’s got a certain likeable strut.

Kathi MacDonald was an unsung rock and roll heroine–she recorded with The Rolling Stones, Ike & Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Big Brother and the Holding Company, and many more.
She had lots of strut.

Moscow Mule

moscow mule edgeJuliette Has A Gun’s Moscow Mule is the perfect mirror of the cocktail, down to the copper cup.

The first sip is a citrus twist, followed by big swallows of sparkling ginger ale. A wooden muddler mixes in clear vodka musk, until only the metal mug remains, a brassy mineral aftertaste.

A good happy hour scent.



mmmm edges huh

Artificial raspberries and vanilla in the most nostalgic way.

This is like getting pulled back in time, listening to Aerosmith while coloring a school poster with a Mr. Sketch scented marker–the fuchsia one.

We thought we were cool, drinking French vanilla powdered cappuccinos and sneaking sprays of our mother’s Hypnotic Poison before the dance.

Love this cover.