Deci Dela

deci delaThe adorable bottle opens with that ambrosia fruit salad made with orange jello and canned peaches and marshmallows that your gran always made for parties, then turns into handfuls of powdery Smarties for a few hours.

Lasts longer on clothes than skin, a deeper dry down of vanilla sweet resin, infused with peach cordial.

Weird and flirty and so fun.
I love it.

This was a big hit in 1994, when Deci Dela came out. Also sweet and funky and fun.



nina apple

A virgin Apple-tini served at a debutante cotillion.

A twist of lemon peel, green Jolly Rancher syrup, some cream soda.
And the breath of what I want to think is apple blossom, but is probably some kind of synthetic lily. (It works, though, like that bit of spandex in the silk knit shirt that would be shapeless without it.)
Sweet white musk on the bottom, the way the paper smells after you’ve poured all the sugar out of the one three pound bag.

Liberty Fizz

liberty fizz edges
Pale green filled mini Les Belles de Ricci bottle, with a metallic fuchsia cap, among a cluster of tomatoes-on-the-vine.

Liberty Fizz could be marketed with one of those classy/trashy retro ads with the sexy half-dressed girl lounging in an enormous champagne glass–
Only instead of bubbly, she’s cavorting in a salad made with green tomatoes.
She wears a scant top of sweet herbs, flowers strung over her middle and a coy fig leaf on the bottom.
She’ll stay for a second drink, cracking jokes about Virgin Marys with extra olives, but she leaves before the third.

The fun hit came out in 1996, too.