Omnia Golden Citrine

Mini Omnia chain link bottle in chrome and bright yellow.

Citrine starts with the transparent juice from canned peaches and mandarin slices, in a nice morning cocktail way, but then fades to powdery yellow flower pollen.

Benzoin at the bottom gets sticky and brings back some of the opening citrus, with the clear syrup from candied peel that bakers use–and I so wish this moment was longer and louder, there’s almost a Shalimar vibe for a second–but everything soon dries down to the Omnia sheer woods base.

Cotton holds the jasmine well, but on skin it’s all gone by noon.
I’ll try it again in the summer. Maybe I’ll like it more.


Omnia Amethyste

omnia Amethyste
Purple edged Bvlgari chrome link, distorted through an amethyst glass vase.

Purple flowers made of glass.

Opens with a breath of citrus and wet green, but then gets cool and clear the way that all the Omnias do, this time with powdery iris that blooms for a hour, and heliotrope at the bottom that lasts all morning.
Some faint woods close to the skin give it a pretty solidity, like a crystal vase with a heavy base.

There’s an interesting fragile-but-strong vibe to it.


This caught my morning mood.

Omnia Indian Garnet

omnia indian garnet
Orange and chrome mini Omnia chain link bottle, casting cool shadows.

Remember those transparent glycerine soaps from the ’70s?
(Yes, I’m that old.)
Omnia Indian Garnet is the orange one.

Opens with sharp mandarin peel and some spicy flower dust, and slowly washes down to glittery amber and comfy clean woods on the skin.

It’s sheer and nice, and lingers on cotton, but I wish more of the tuberose came through.


Ellery songs linger nicely, too.

Omnia Pink Sapphire

omnia pink sapphire
Fuchsia edged Bvlgari mini link bottle casting cool shadows.

A wincing blast of Ruby Red pink grapefruit out of the bottle that dries down to really lovely peaches sweetened with frangipani.
The musk on the bottom has some heat, a peppery note with the sandalwood, but with hard edges.

It’s got nice facets, but kind of jumbled–and the middle notes that I love last less than 20 minutes on me.

From Under the Pink.

Omnia Coral

omnia coral
Red and chrome mini Bvglari chain link bottle.

Fruity, but hard and cold like all the Omnias–mashed berries on ice that melt in an hour into a pretty floral garnish. The cedar musk lasts longest, sweet and dry on the skin overnight.

I wish the pomegranate and hibiscus were noticeable beyond the initial juicy tartness. I just get an upscale red Kool-aid, and it’s refreshing, but I like a stronger summertime drink.

Apropos. (Wasn’t that one of the Three Musketeers?)

Omnia Paraiba

omnia paraiba
Blue-green and chrome mini Bvlgari chain link bottle in pool of water.

Opens aquatic, sea-breeze shower fresh, with some transparent grapefruit-y citrus. Tropical sweetness ripens from underneath–passion flower and and passion fruit–but it’s glittery rather than juicy, with that faceted cut of all the Omnia line.

Settles comfortably into personal space for the afternoon, and leaves a woody residue on cuffs.

Fun fact: Brazilian Paraiba tourmalines get their gorgeous aquamarine color from copper.


Omnia chain link bottle (the caps on the minis are so hard to deal with!!) with amber brown jewel-tones, on a pile of nutmegs.

Ginger and peppercorns that sweeten to ground spices, powdered cardamom and nutmeg, drier than dry toast, to the point that it makes me thirsty–almost itchy.

Half an hour in, the almonds warm up, and it gets creamier. A bit of floral musk makes it more palatable, and then the dry down is lovely, sandalwood with a hint of sweetness.

Stays politely in personal space for most of the day. Pair with a two liter drinking bottle.

Omnia Crystalline

omnia crystalline
Bvlgari chain link mini bottle on pale Anjou pears.

Well made, but buttoned up as tight as an adjunct professor at Brigham Young.

Nice not quite ripe pear on top, pale floral musk and modesty on the bottom, with yards of projection for two hours.

Sadly, I get none of the tea or bamboo that would give it depth or interest.

This young woman is both talented and interesting.

Omnia: Green Jade

Omnia Green Jade
Bvlgari mini chain link in green and chrome on a pile of pistachios.

Squirts sharp orange out of the bottle–then sniffs some happy springtime flowers that haven’t realized they will be cut for a funeral arrangement.
Later, a furtive pistachio hides in white musk.

Over-designed, like a lovely semi-precious stone turned cheap and sad by a clumsy electroplate setting.


Another chain link.