Dylan Blue

dylan blueThis one makes me feel like I’ve been to that fantastic salon I can’t really afford.

Apple shampoo and flowery conditioner at first, then gorgeous honey notes from peach and clover for an hour.
Dries down to sweet patchy detangler musk.

Not great sillage–three inches above the skin, at most–and not terribly long lasting.  Also, oddly greasy on the skin; I’m guessing it would stain a scarf.

(And always remember to tip your stylist.)

Indigo Girls tangling up some Dylan blues.


Eros edgesManly mint, and lemon.

Nice, but stuffy at first. This guy orders Woodford Reserve on the rocks when he really wants a Malibu and Coke with a straw loaded with fruit.

After a bit it loosens up to vanilla and vetiver, and longing glances toward the karaoke bar.

This was the biggest song in Italy in 2012, when Versace released Eros.

Bright Crystal

bright crystal edgesTea in a European cafe.
Watery with Oriental flowers, yet clever, with a twist of hint of lemon. Dries down to a dark woodsy musk.

It’s very swanky. I feel I’d have to be fluent in at least three languages to be able to pull this off.
Like, this woman knows her glove size and exactly which fork to use and how to eat Norway lobster without getting butter on her blouse.