pearNot-quite-ripe-pears from a roadside stand, cut in crisp slices and served with drinks.

A squeeze of lemon, then the juniper takes over, that first big swallow of a gin and tonic on a summer day.
Musk settles into the empty rocks glass with an edge, like diesel fumes.

Not for me, but I would crawl inside the clothes of the man wearing this and let him take me anywhere.


Truly Deeply

truly dazzlingFresh and fun and fashionable–a mermaid in spangled spandex and designer seashells.

Wet flowers bloom strong, then ease into sugary herbs, water mint and those funny green lake apples that float on the surface in the summer. A bit later salt cascades into the sweet, the sharp edges of the crystals biting like ocean water.

I liked the insert enough to look for it in the store–it fades fast. A pick me up rather than a long wear, but the lack of white musk is refreshing.


aurumNice. A perfect Valentine’s scent.

Big overripe strawberry and milk chocolate that melts away as the rose blooms.

The rose softens to oud, sitting close, then turns to water on the skin.

It’s addictive, the I-want-more of cake, too easy to reapply until one has a stomach ache.

I’d save up for it, if it lasted longer.